Occupation: Front Office Controls Manager & Business Owner
Age: 35

Before we set up Delta Fitness together, I’d worked with Head Trainer Laszlo to get bigger and stronger, but now it was time to commit to a 10 week programme to get leaner. 2018 had been a busy year setting up and opening the studio, while still working in the Internal Audit and Front Office controls…


Occupation: Teacher
Age: 42

In the last couple of years I had put on some significant amount of weight and was unhappy with my looks. I was quite resentful every time I wanted to buy a nice dress for myself as my original size no longer fitted me and did not like the image in the mirror that reflected back on me in those fitting rooms.

At Delta Fitness, personal training is personal

We create the optimal environment to help you and your trainer focus on your workout without any distractions or time lost queuing for machines.
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