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Clare Elliot
Clare Elliot
Clare Elliot

Why did you choose Delta Fitness?

I had previously been trained by the guys who set up Delta Fitness and had a great experience, moving into a custom built gym dedicated to one on one meant I was combining that professionalism with a great environment.

How has Delta Fitness changed the way you exercise and eat?

Both my diet and training has changed hugely, I had trained regularly for sport; this kept me fit but with dominant muscles. The training I took on meant my body shape changed so I was fit and lean all over. Changes to my diet has meant not just a physical change but I sleep better, I have more energy throughout the day and I can tell the difference in my mood.

If someone is looking at starting one of the Delta Fitness programmes, what would be your top tip for them?

Stop drinking alcohol. Make a commitment to 6/8/12 weeks by that time I really started to see a difference which kept me going. I am driven by goals, so I set a target and a date, this meant I was determined to hit that goal.

You have achieved some great results, what is your next goal?

Making the changes I have made into a habit so that I can maintain what I have achieved. Perhaps even increase my strength some more.

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