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Cardio & Strength Training | Personal Trainers Show Us How to Strike a Balance

Personal trainers and fitness professionals often find themselves being consulted on whether there is a certain formula or workout schedule people should be…

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Personal training, veganism, and nutrition among fitness trends for London’s millennials

The UK fitness market has been on an absolute tear over the course of the last five years, increasing over 20% during that time. London’s millennials are…

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Fat Loss: Why Nutrition Matters More than You Think

Trying to lose weight can be an extremely frustrating process. Fortunately, we can enjoy a much greater level of success once we understand how tightly linked…

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It’s a Trend! Strength Training Trumps Cardio for Fat Loss

More personal trainers today are helping clients turn their muscles into fat burning machines - It’s a trend that has many people choosing strength training…

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Exercise Still Society’s Best Defense Against Burnout, Laziness

Waging war with “burnout?” You’re not alone. It’s become ubiquitous in modern society. But fitness gurus and personal trainers are making their case that…

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Benefits of Weight Training Go Further than Muscle Mass. People are Catching On!

With more than half of the global population expected to be overweight by 2035, personal trainers and online health influencers are hoping to get their clients…

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Personal Training Industry Helping Busy Office Professionals find Fitness Strategies that Work

The human body wasn’t meant to sit for extended periods of time. But as technology continues to evolve, many office professionals are working in an environment…

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Tracking Calories: The Importance of Protein and Macronutrients

Any personal trainer or dietician will tell you that you need to be in a calorie deficit state to lose weight. Just consume fewer calories than your body needs…

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2023 New Year’s Resolutions: Building Healthy Habits and Setting Goals

It's a new year again, and a lot of us are using this moment as an opportunity to set some self-improvement goals. Nearly all of them will be focused on…

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How to Maintain a Good Physique Over the Christmas Period

Whether you’ve achieved that magnificent physique on your own or you enlisted the support of a personal trainer along the way, staying physically fit after the…

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