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Milo Chen
Milo Chen

How did you feel after the first week on your programme?

Optimistic. I knew from the taster sessions it wasn’t going to be easy, but I was happy that for the first time in my training I would have professional guidance to tell me what I was doing right and where I was going wrong.

What do you think of the Delta Fitness approach?

Clearly defined plan with measurable targets. The diet and workout plans were clear and whilst challenging, produced noticeable results as long as you stuck to it. Measuring progress was done frequently, so changes in diet and training could be quickly assessed to tailor the program to you.

If someone is looking at starting one of the Delta Fitness programmes, what would be your top tip for them?

Do it. Having a PT is just not the same as training on your own. However, prepare to work harder than you’ve worked before. For a long time I convinced myself training alone and going online for training advice would be sufficient to see results. I saw some changes at first, but my progress quickly plateaued. Moreover, the more time I spent online the more conflicting advice I found. It’s wasn’t until I saw Delta Fitness and they pointed out specific issues ranging from diet and supplementation to exercise form and workout plan that I realized why my progress had slowed. With Delta, you get the right knowledge and motivation personalized in a way that pushes you to get the most effective results.

How long did it take for you to see changes?

After 6 weeks of cutting saw noticeable results. Best results after the full 12 weeks of cutting.

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