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The Evolving Role of Personal Trainers in Modern Fitness

From Fisherman’s Wharf all the way to Canary Wharf, the pandemic forced many fitness and personal training studios to adopt new business models if they were…

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How to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit this Winter

Even the diehards among us can expect to struggle a bit finding the motivation to exercise and maintain a decent level of fitness during the dark winter months…

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Motivation for Strength Training – 5 Excuses to Stop Making

It is not always easy to stay motivated to work out. There is always an excuse we seem to be able to conjure up. However, none of the common excuses should…

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How Training Can Improve Other Areas in Your Life

When we think of training and going to the gym, we usually only consider the physical benefits of slimming down or bulking up. However, there are numerous…

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How Much Protein Do You Actually Need While Training

We all know that you need to eat more protein while working out to build up your muscles. However, how much protein do you need while training? Yes, you should…

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Why Diet Is as Important as Fitness

What's more important, diet or fitness? The answer is that both are equally as important! It is just as important what you're putting into your body as it is…

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How to Overcome Gym Anxiety

The gym can be an intimidating and overwhelming place. This could lead to you experiencing gym anxiety, making it more challenging for you to reach your…

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6 Fat Loss Tips From Our Personal Trainers

How do personal trainers get in such great shape? They simply know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to fat loss. As with most things in life, there…

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How to Stay Fit While Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

Nearly 4 in 10 adults in the UK are living a sedentary lifestyle today. This means those who fall into this category are doing less than 150 minutes of…

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Why Women Should Do Resistance Training

When it comes to exercise, women are often apprehensive about doing resistance training. This is due to a pervasive myth that if a woman practices resistance…

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