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The Top 5 Nutritional Facts for Modern Society

Society’s modern diets are hardly the same diets that have kept us healthy for centuries. Influenced by the sizzling summer topics on social media, we’ve…

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Simple Strategies to Lose Fat Without Cardio

Ask any fitness professional or personal trainer and they’ll tell you one thing for sure: cardio isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A slang term for ‘cardiovascular…

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Losing Weight Versus Losing Fat – What’s the Real Difference?

For every five adults on our planet, two of them are actively trying to lose weight. In America, that number is even higher – half the population in the U.S.…

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The Best Weight Loss Strategies for the Summer Season

Sooner or later, that first 80-degree day of the year is going to come along and that’s going to give way to the eager anticipation of summer. That’s also a…

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Why One-Size-Fits-All Workouts Fail (and What to Do Instead…)

Most of us are wary of using social media sites like Facebook and YouTube as reliable sources for our news but, surprisingly, nearly half of modern society is…

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No Longer Just About Fat Loss | Personal Trainers Rapidly Becoming a Path to Optimal Mental Health

For the past two years we’ve watched a pandemic decimate our lifestyles. A wide array of restrictive policies that were put into place to curtail the spread of…

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Physical Fitness - How to Quit the “All or Nothing” Mindset

For much of our society, the ambition to get fit and lose weight can rapidly deteriorate from exciting anticipation to loathsome slog on account of the strict…

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Personal Trainers Agree: Marrying Nutrition with Exercise is the Key to Accelerating Fat Loss

It’s the most common complaint that personal trainers hear from their clients these days - “I am working out, but I still can’t seem to lose any weight!” How…

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Exercise and Physical Activity Proving Effective in Society’s Battle with Anxiety

During his State of the Union address last week, American President Joe Biden warned that society is experiencing a mental health crisis like it never has…

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How Much Exercise is Enough Exercise in Modern Society?

We get it. It’s frustrating. As society grows increasingly more digital why is it that we seem to have less and less time to dedicate towards our fitness…

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