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The Top Five Fitness Trends of 2024 that Personal Trainers are Hyped Up About!

It’s a common question personal trainers hear around the holidays: “What are the top fitness trends heading into the new year?” It’s a prudent question. And…

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Top Nutritional Apps Recommended by Personal Trainers

We’re living in a world where 45% of the global population is trying to lose weight, but our busy lifestyles certainly do not make it easy to keep track of the…

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What Personal Trainers Love about “Exercise Snacks”

How we get our exercise isn’t what matters, you just need to make sure that it’s rigorous. That’s a fact fueling the popularity of a catchy new workout concept…

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Top Trends Fueling the Uptick in Personal Training

Perhaps the most significant “takeaway” from the pandemic was that we needed to start taking better care of ourselves, including our own physical fitness. With…

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Bodyweight Exercises that Burn Fat

The average person will put on 3 pounds of extra fat this coming winter. That doesn’t mean you have to. In this article, personal trainers show us how to fight…

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The Top Nutritional Recommendations from Personal Trainers for Achieving Weight Loss Success

Even the smallest changes to our diet can lead to noticeable weight loss results, oftentimes more rapidly than we might expect. To learn more, we talked to…

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Personal Trainers Reveal the Top 5 Exercises for Fat Loss that Can Be Done at Home or in the Office

As people struggle to balance dieting and fitness with their busy lifestyles, many are seeking out the advice of personal trainers hoping to find new answers…

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Fitness Efficiency – Personal Trainers Recommend Time-Optimized Fitness Strategies for Weight Loss

On a warm summer’s day in Canary Wharf on the eastern end of London, fitness centers and the personal trainers that staff them are staying busy. The fitness…

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Personal Trainers See Uptick as Exercise Becomes More Social

It’s more fun to do things with friends, and that includes our exercises. As fitness activities become more social, even the dynamics of personal training are…

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Personal Trainers Discuss Top Fitness Apps, Software, and Technology

Technology has become ubiquitous in society. It continues to accelerate and enhance the experiences of our daily lives, and now it’s playing a crucial role in…

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