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Personal Trainers Agree: Marrying Nutrition with Exercise is the Key to Accelerating Fat Loss

It’s the most common complaint that personal trainers hear from their clients these days - “I am working out, but I still can’t seem to lose any weight!” How…

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Exercise and Physical Activity Proving Effective in Society’s Battle with Anxiety

During his State of the Union address last week, American President Joe Biden warned that society is experiencing a mental health crisis like it never has…

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How Much Exercise is Enough Exercise in Modern Society?

We get it. It’s frustrating. As society grows increasingly more digital why is it that we seem to have less and less time to dedicate towards our fitness…

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How to Stay Motivated to Honor Your 2022 Fitness Resolutions

Ours is a society that loves to adopt some form of New Year’s resolution at the beginning of every year, and many resolutions will focus on improving our…

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Physical Fitness - A Strategy for Achieving Better Mental Health

A year ago, society was back in resolution mode and we eagerly embraced the coming new year with a strong sense of optimism as we set our goals for physical…

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5 Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Tis the Season of…Indulgence? You’ve towed the line all year long by staying healthy and honoring your commitment to your workout schedule, but now the most…

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The Evolving Role of Personal Trainers in Modern Fitness

From Fisherman’s Wharf all the way to Canary Wharf, the pandemic forced many fitness and personal training studios to adopt new business models if they were…

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How to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit this Winter

Even the diehards among us can expect to struggle a bit finding the motivation to exercise and maintain a decent level of fitness during the dark winter months…

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Motivation for Strength Training – 5 Excuses to Stop Making

It is not always easy to stay motivated to work out. There is always an excuse we seem to be able to conjure up. However, none of the common excuses should…

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Personal Trainer Canary Wharf Pt Fat Loss

How Training Can Improve Other Areas in Your Life

When we think of training and going to the gym, we usually only consider the physical benefits of slimming down or bulking up. However, there are numerous…

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