Delta Fitness’s new Head Trainer Sean Bellamy comes with a wealth of experience having managed several of the largest corporate health clubs in Canary Wharf. He has transformed the lives & physiques of hundreds over the last 12 years within his personal training career, training CEO’s, Directors, among others. Being a huge believer of “you get out what you put in” which translates across all areas of his life. Sean is well known for achieving results with a methodical, no-nonsense approach, staying away from ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ fitness fads (P90X, Insanity, vibrating belts… need we say more?) but don’t worry, he still brings the fun to all his sessions!

During his own journey to a healthier lifestyle Sean uncovered a passion for bodybuilding and understanding the fundamentals of nutrition and strength and conditioning. Having competed in bodybuilding and men’s physique competitions on and off throughout his adult life, Sean always uses scientifically proven, tried and tested methods to get the best results for himself and his clients alike with both tailored workouts/exercises and nutrition plans – he knows how to get from large to lean, from slim to shredded and body confident to bodybuilder.

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