Delta Fitness Co-founder and Head trainer Laszlo Baritz has been imparting his years of knowledge and experience to his many satisfied clients for over 8 years. Having spent 3 years becoming one of the most sought after trainers at East London’s premier luxury health club, he set up Delta Fitness to create the optimal training environment for his clients. He is well known for the results he produces along with his sense of fun and ever changing approach. Not only a highly proficient and technically detailed trainer, Laszlo excels in designing diet and nutrition plans and life coaching his clients through their programs.

Laszlo knows personally what it takes to build muscle, tone up and strip fat having spent 8 years transforming his own body to attain a physique which made him twice world champion and 2018 winner of the Overall Miami Pro title. With his prize-winning physique, Laszlo has worked with top photographers and videographers from around the world, and has been sponsored by a variety of clothing and supplement brands, featuring on numerous social medial platforms.

Personal training is personal at Delta Fitness

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