Muscle Building

Everyone can build muscle, regardless of their body type or ethnic background. Yet, most guys still get it wrong, wasting countless hours of their time and money on gym memberships and supplements.

Everyone can build muscle. This is true regardless of your body type or ethnic background. However, most guys aren’t seeing the results they want. So, they are wasting time and money on gym memberships and supplements. We can help.

There is a lot of advice about training, nutrition, and types of workout plans out there. This makes it hard to figure out which ones will deliver you the results you want.

At Delta Fitness, we have extensive experience in individualised and effective programming for every body type. We bring together the most effective and cutting edge training methods. Also, we combine them with the latest thinking in nutrition and dietary supplementation.

We understand that both diet and training must work in harmony to produce results.

Our personal trainers take time to guide clients throughout their journey. You will develop a better, stronger, healthier, and more athletic body.

Our Three-Step Process to Building Muscle

Training – There is more to weight training than just following general workout plans. At Delta Fitness, we teach our clients weightlifting techniques designed to build lean muscle. These differ from those that build muscular endurance or strength.

Nutrition – Did you know that 80% of muscle building relies on consistently eating the right nutrients in the right quantities and proportions? We advise our clients to keep a food log. Doing so over a one week period helps our trainers analyse baseline nutritional habits and intake. After going over a client’s food and drink preferences, our trainers construct custom meal plans for boosting the muscle building process.

Recovery – Proper rest and sleep are vital to see major muscle gains. We prioritise recovery periods in every workout plan. This ensures you get enough rest for sustainable and effective muscle growth. We also promote releasing muscle tension through massages, foam rolling, stretching, and other more.

Lifting weights is more than pumping iron. The benefits go far beyond just looking buff. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced Physical Performance
  • Greater Metabolic Efficiency
  • Less Risk of Injury
  • More Energy
  • More Bone Density
  • Improved Immune System
  • Improved Mood, Confidence, and Mental health
  • Decreased Resting Blood Pressure
  • Lowered Risk of Diabetes

Contact us today to learn more about this program. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only train at our personal training studio by booking an appointment with one of our personal trainers. Unlike at a gym there is no public access without an appointment.

No, unfortunately to provide the highest possible quality of service to our clients, you can only train at Delta Fitness by booking a session with one of our trainers.

Our personal training studio is targeted at those who want to train in a private facility with an elite personal trainer away from the distractions of crowded gyms. With your Delta Fitness personal trainer, the equipment you need is always immediately available, ensuring you maximize the time you have with your trainer.

We’ve taken the hard work out of finding a good personal trainer. We only hire the best trainers who have a lot of experience in all the different aspects of fitness (e.g. champion bodybuilders, published fitness models). Our trainers continuously keep up to date with the latest training techniques, nutrition and diet science. They are fully committed to delivering your goals whether that be a 12 week transformation or just wanting to get fit and healthy. Unlike other studios, we want you to get the most out of your training while also having fun and becoming part of our community.

We always say that to maximise results in a short period of time the magic number is a minimum of 3 sessions a week with a trainer, however this could vary to each individual’s short and long term goals. If you have for example your wedding to prepare for in 3 months, you would most likely need to have 3 to 4 sessions per week to guarantee results. If on the other hand you are more experienced in the gym or have a 6 or 12 months to reach your goal, you can start with 1 session per week to learn the basic techniques and improve your diet.

No honest trainer could ever guarantee results, however we use proven techniques that have worked for all of our customers. Have a look at our transformation gallery where you can see some of our clients who wanted to share their success stories. Results vary according to a number of factors: your commitment to being consistent with the training schedule and diet plan we provide to you, previous training history, age, injuries etc. Our trainers have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, tailoring the diet and training programs to each customer’s needs, helping to overcome these obstacles.

Being located in Canary Wharf, many of our clients are busy professionals with demanding schedules. Our trainers will customize and help you with a realistic flexible diet and workout plan that fits in with your current lifestyle.

Yes, we have luxurious shower and changing facilities, with towels provided.

Get in contact with us via the website enquiry, Facebook Messenger, email, WhatsApp or call us on 07570326844.

Unfortunately we do not offer complimentary sessions, however if you are interested in our services we do offer free 30 minutes consultations to understand your needs and show you our facilities.

Your safety and the safety of our staff is of paramount importance to us. Upon reopening we are introducing a range of distancing and cleaning measures intended to keep everyone safe.

Starter Pack

4 x 1hr Personal training sessions
(£288)£245Inc VAT

Personal Training Session

1hr Personal training session
£72/sessionInc VAT

10 Session Personal Training Pack

10 x 1hr Personal training session
(£720)£687Inc VAT

20 Session Personal Training Pack

20 x 1hr Personal training session
(£1,440)£1,296Inc VAT

Partner Training:
Train with a Friend

1hr Personal training session with a friend
£100/sessionInc VAT

Personal training is personal at Delta Fitness

We have designed the optimal environment to help you and your personal trainer focus exclusively on your workout, without anything getting in the way.
No joining fee and no membership fee!