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In-House Therapists
Towels, showers and lockers available
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Our team of expert trainers are specialised in fat loss programmes and body transformations to deliver noticeable results within weeks of following the programme.

Review summary
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Charlotte Francis
2 days ago
I’ve currently been working with Josh for about 2 months now and in that time Josh has somehow managed to re-motivated me to get backing on track with my fitness journey and focus on my nutrition by giving me a detailed workout plan and recommend nutrition plan. Although we have not been working together for long my strength has improved significantly and my physic has enhanced beyond my expectations. His sessions are always engaging and energetic, I always leave feeling like I’ve worked hard and sweating! Thank you for all of your work with me Josh, can’t wait to continue working together!
Arju Ahmed
a month ago
Delta Fitness is an amazing PT studio , I love coming to this place, I lost 5kg in the last 7 weeks and built more muscles than I expected in such a short time frame. The trainers are very knowledgeable and always go out their way to help me. Great equipment and showering facilities. Highly recommended.
James Brooks
2 months ago
Working with Laszlo truly changed the way I saw health and fitness. He offered and delivered a personal, tailored plan to help me towards my own goals. He made each session motivating and challenging, but best of all he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience to allow you to learn from each session. The studio itself is perfect for all types of training styles and goals (Plus it's brand new!). Pop your head in for a chat, it's worth it!
David Mezei
a month ago
I have always struggled with my weight most of my life, training with Laszlo for the past 1 and a half years has changed my life and my confidence. He is very knowledgeable and very inspiring to work with. Can't recommend him highly enough The gym has great facilities and always taken care of.
Alice Austin
2 months ago
As a competitive athlete and exercise lover, I have always loved going to the gym and being as active as possible, but I found myself plateauing and not pushing myself as much as I should/could. Since training at Delta I have improved both my strength and stamina, and been reminded what it feels like to really push your body to the limit... leg days with Laszlo are both the worst and the best thing in my week! Highly recommend this gym for the professionalism, facilities, and genuine enjoyment I get from my sessions.
Thomas Russell
2 months ago
Dedicated, attentive staff with a passion for health and fitness, coupled with a facility boasting an array of great equipment, the team at Delta are focused in helping you achieve your goals. They are not interested in a 'quick-fix' or the latest fad, but for the longevity of health. Highly recommended.
Simon Hutson
3 months ago
I have been training with Laszlo for over a year and have seen very positive results. As a hypertrophy specialist he really understands the science of muscle building from nutrition to specific exercises and compound movements. Not only that he also motivates you to be the best you can be. The facilities at Delta are second to none and the best in the area. You won't regret committing to Delta and seeing the results...
Neha & Bruno
a month ago
I have trained with Laszlo for several years, the guy will kick your a* into shape in no time! He helped me before my wedding and the results were so good I stuck with him for 2 years after! It's not just about appearances, he's really made me stronger. My posture and body shape is better than ever.
Keir Adams
a month ago
If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you are looking for in a PT, then Kojo is the trainer for you! Kojo tailored my sessions to meet my specific needs, to help ensure i achieved my goals. They were full of variety and always a lot of fun! All the staff at Delta Fitness are very friendly and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody looking to improve their fitness.
Shivani Vaghela
a month ago
I had dry needling treatment here, which I was slightly sceptical of in terms of treatment choice. It was absolutely brilliant! The studio/ therapy room is a professional, clean environment. The therapist explained everything clearly AND fixed my pain in a couple of sessions. Worth every penny!
Steven Milne
3 months ago
I have been training with Laszlo for over 2 years now and have had an incredible body transformation with better results than I ever expected. He has helped me with my own training technique and diet and food plans. He does everything to get you the results you want and I love training with him. If you want results I couldn't recommend him or his team any more!
Tom Molnar
3 months ago
I've been to many PT studios, but Delta Fitness has just raised the standards to another level, the showers, towels, equipment are all new, well maintained and high end. No membership fees, no hard or forceful sales. Even better thing there are the trainers, highly skilled and very experienced professionals, I noticed significant changes after the first few months. Can't recommend highly enough.
Vicki Canham
3 months ago
I had knee rehab with the Rehab Specialist from Delta Fitness and he has been fantastic, better than any physio I’ve ever been to. He has now rehabbed my knee, my ankle, my back and currently my shoulder. We focus on building strength and a full return to sport, which I could not have achieved without him. I would definitely recommend sports rehab at Delta Fitness.
Helen Hansen
2 months ago
The trainers are amazing , highly skilled and very professional. It really is a nice place where you feel comfortable working out and have fun at the same time . They concentrate totally on your needs ,making sure the technic is perfect. Laszlo has pushed me to lift more than I thought I was capable of doing. I will be back for more for sure love this place.
Tom Edgar
2 months ago
Laszlo was fantastic. Super friendly and motivating. Great studio with all the modern equipment and space needed. He really knows what he's talking about which is demonstrated already in his personal achievements. Fully recommend!
Guillaume Lefevre
a month ago
Great PT studio with excellent equipment and knowledgeable trainers. Would highly recommend for body transformations, as they focus on nutrition as well as training.

Personal Training at Delta

Results Matter – You want results and we’re here to guide you on your way to getting them.
Accountability – All our personal trainers take full responsibility for tracking your progress.
Passion – Our trainers are totally committed to the fitness lifestyle for themselves just as much as they are for you.
Knowledge – Regular full body assessments.
Motivation – One of the most important aspects of personal training is motivation.

At Delta Fitness, personal training is personal and within a quiet private setting.
We create the optimal environment to help you and your trainer focus on your workout without any distractions or time lost queuing for machines, to focus solely on making the changes you want to make to your body, no matter the goal.

Personal Training Session

RRP £72
£68 / session
6% OFF
You only pay for the time you spend with one of our expert trainers.
No joining fee and no membership fee!
State of the art fitness equipment
In-House Therapists
Towels, showers and lockers available

10 Session Personal Training Pack

RRP £720
£677 / pack
6% OFF
You only pay for the time you spend with one of our expert trainers.
10 hours of training
No joining fee and no membership fee!
State of the art fitness equipment
In-House Therapists
Towels, showers and lockers available

20 Session Personal Training Pack

RRP £1,440
£1,276 / pack
11% OFF
You only pay for the time you spend with one of our expert trainers.
20 hours of training
No joining fee and no membership fee!
State of the art fitness equipment
In-House Therapists
Towels, showers and lockers available

Massage & Rehabilitation

RRP £75
£70 / session
7% OFF
45-60 minutes
Strengthen your physical weaknesses
Balance and align your body
Continuous review and progress tracking
Reduce the likelihood of further damage

What We Offer

  • #fitness Our professional team of fitness experts will create a workout programme tailored to your current fitness level and future fitness goals, while supporting you throughout your journey.
  • #nutrition To support your training, and ultimately your goals, we include a comprehensive diet plan upon request, with regular updates as you progress.
  • #recovery We have a team of therapists on hand to help you look after your body and recover, thanks to a wide range of massage and physiotherapy treatments.

We inspire

Lucia Ferrer

How has Delta Fitness changed the way you exercise and eat? I am a lot more confident and comfortable arranging my own workouts with weights (previously I would stick to classes or cardio). I now feel like I can make my own plans at the gym! Regarding food, I now know the amount of calories I should consume a day and in what proportions. Using an app to track my intake is also extremely helpful! What would you say to someone who is looking at your results and thinking of coming to Delta Fitness? def join! How challenging did you find the programme? I have always been motivated to work out and enjoyed it but some of these workouts definitely pushed me further. But that pain is temporary and the benefits far away the challenge! How did you stay motivated over the 16 weeks Josh helped – there were a few weeks when things got busy at work and I was also travelling – so arranging my meal plan was difficult. Josh always helped me “re focus” just because you have had a few bad days doesn’t mean you need to write the whole week off and just because one meal might not be perfect doesn’t mean the day is written off!

Lucia Ferrer
32 - Lawyer
Bruno Nobre

Why did you choose Delta Fitness? I had been training for a while without any sort of professional support and advice, and was simply not seeing the desired results – I wanted to get leaner whilst building muscle, and felt I needed structured guidance to achieve this. After seeing the impressive body transformations online and meeting Laszlo for the initial consultation, I was certain Delta’s approach was what I was looking for and the exact one to reach my goals. I was also really impressed with the facilities, and how private and modern they are.   What do you think of the Delta Fitness approach? With Delta, you feel the ‘personal’ in personal training – it’s all about you, your goals and how to keep you motivated along the way. Every session I attended, I was further impressed by my trainer’s knowledge, patience and guidance. No question was too trivial, and I was constantly encouraged to do better, and provided with the most varied tips in terms of nutrition, and to help me perfect posture and technique whilst training – thank you, Josh! And because progress is closely monitored, if anything needs to be changed, it is quickly done to help you keep on track. How did you find the diet and training to fit in with your busy schedule? It was challenging, but I was expecting this once I started the programme. I had realistic goals and my motivation to achieve these was further enhanced by my tailored training plan and Josh’s guidance. I knew that what I was doing in my gym sessions was the correct way of obtaining results, which for me was extremely important. And the more results you see, the more you want to stick to the nutritional and training regime. After a while it all becomes natural – you learn how to eat well and plan your weekly meals and training sessions to fit your schedule. It also helped that Josh was more than happy to tailor the Delta session times to suit me!   What would you say to someone who is looking at your results and thinking of coming to Delta Fitness? If not now, when? I kept on delaying the decision because I thought I wouldn’t be capable of going through with the programme or wouldn’t commit fully. I thought that training by myself without proper guidance would be sufficient. The reality is that this process and Delta’s guidance and support proved me wrong. I started to notice the desired changes and was confident I had made the right decision. So, if you are looking to see tangible results, need professional, and totally personalised support and guidance, and are unfazed by a challenging but attainable training and nutritional programme, then Delta Fitness is just the perfect fit.

Bruno Nobre
35 - Trade & Digital executive
Peter Jordan

Why did you choose Delta Fitness? I saw an editorial piece which was featuring Laszlo from Delta Fitness in Muscle and Fitness magazine. Having looked up Delta Fitness online I noticed that they offered specialist 1 to 1 training focusing on body transformations. They also had a lot of good reviews on Google.   How has Delta Fitness changed the way you exercise and eat? I never realised how poor my technique was from learning stuff online and magazines until I got corrected and taught all the right ways of performing exercises. I could already tell from my first session how different it was from any other programmes I had with other trainers or online programmes I tried previously. I was given my diet plan already after session 2, and shortly followed by the workout plan. It was personalised and tailored to my goals. Progress was very closely monitored, and my diet and training adjusted accordingly.   What would you say to someone who is looking at your results and thinking of coming to Delta Fitness? I wanted to be in good shape for my brothers wedding, but I ended up being in the best shape of my life at 35 years old. I cannot recommend Delta Fitness highly enough, if you want to change your body shape please I urge you to try the free consultation, you will never look back. I had never been to a private personal training studio before, I had only ever been to commercial gyms where the Personal trainers are there as an option. I came in for the 30 minutes free consultation without any expectations, but upon arrival I was already very impressed with the setup of the studio and all its facilities, not only the gym floor but the showers and changing rooms very modern and more importantly clean.The consultation was very professional, taking all my details, goal setting, talking through my previous training history, and that’s when I decided to try the starter pack as it was the most cost effective package and low commitment. II felt very comfortable in the gym as there were no gym buffs, just other people who were trying to transform their bodies with a goal in their mind. This really helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable in the gym during my training as I didn’t feel body conscious at all. There was never any waiting for equipment and Pt sessions were very efficient and straight forward.The gym equipment is very high end spec and they have the best of everything.   You’ve achieved some great results! What’s next for you? Within 5 weeks I started seeing noticeable improvements, by week 10 I already had people noticing my body change and that kept me very motivated to carry on with my training and stick to my flexible diet. It has been an amazing and rewarding journey and I am extremely happy I chose Delta Fitness and I already signed up for further training and can’t wait to make more progress.

Peter Jordan
35 - Chartered Accountant

Why did you choose Delta Fitness? Because someone whose judgement I trust had just gone through a 12 weeks program, the results were impressive. I was further impressed after the initial consultation and the results that the trainers at Delta had achieved for themselves.   What do you think of the Delta Fitness approach? It’s what I have been looking for… and I have been looking for quite a few months, if not years before pulling the trigger. I needed a trainer that cares about my results as much as I do, it’s as simple as that. The people here are the best, they know the nutrition, they know how to train you and keep you motivated. It’s a long, slow and hard process, then you go through it and you look back … it’s very rewarding.   How has Delta Fitness changed the way you exercise and eat? I’d say completely, front to back. I have been a decent runner for about 7 years now (~1300 miles per year), good cardio shape but no upper body muscle mass which means I was never truly lean, had any strength in my body and if I stopped running for 3 weeks I put weight immediately. They made me look at food in a total different ways, I learned about macros and what does what for your body. It’s not about banning all joy from life but it’s about establishing your “day routine” right so the ship on average is on the right course.   What would you say to someone who is looking at your results and thinking of coming to Delta Fitness? I thought about doing this for a long time and the reason why it took me such a long time to do it, is because it is a hard process (but somewhat enjoyable) and I didn’t want to go through the effort without some sort of guarantee on the results. Look no further, waste no time or effort, put yourself in the hand of someone who has a track record of delivering the results you expect. There are simply way too many bad trainers out there crowding the gyms today, choose Delta Fitness.

42 - Commodities trading
Alexander Ganesan

You have achieved some great results, what is your next goal? I’m looking to take my training to the next level so that I can build more muscle and achieve an aesthetic body, making fitness part of my lifestyle.    How has Delta Fitness changed the way you exercise and eat? Before, I was not aware of the contents of the food I was eating and why I was eating it. However, after joining Delta Fitness, I was trained to understand nutritional values and also the importance of preparing food myself. The diet plan I was given was flexible and the way my training went on with Laszlo was just awesome. Laszlo provided me with all the facts I needed to dispel the myths I’d heard, and that helped me a lot.   How did you stay motivated over the 28 weeks? Motivated for 28 weeks 🙂 Is that really possible? Sometimes yes and most times it was not. Whenever I felt low, I preferred sharing my thoughts with Laszlo and he helped me a lot to get through it. I always felt energised after hitting the gym and the results that showed after a few days kept me motivated. I kept telling myself to take a single step at a time and I loved the quote: “DO THE PROCESS RIGHT, IT WILL PROVIDE YOU THE RESULTS”.   You have told us you have worked with other trainers before, what is it about Delta Fitness that helped you to get such great results? The best thing about Delta Fitness is that it never felt as though we had spent so many months training. Frankly, for the first two weeks I was making excuses for not hitting the gym. Later, the results that I achieved in a month appeared. What I loved the most is the nutritional facts and how they plan the training. The Trainers get into your mind and will never allow you to go backwards. I never regretted a single day that my session was hard, it is always fun and enjoyable.

Alexander Ganesan
31 - Software engineer
Your Delta Fitness Elite Trainers
Laszlo Baritz
Craig Barwick
Kamil Kosc

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only train at our personal training studio by booking an appointment with one of our personal trainers. Unlike at a gym there is no public access without an appointment.

No, unfortunately to provide the highest possible quality of service to our clients, you can only train at Delta Fitness by booking a session with one of our trainers.

Our personal training studio is targeted at those who want to train in a private facility with an elite personal trainer away from the distractions of crowded gyms. With your Delta Fitness personal trainer, the equipment you need is always immediately available, ensuring you maximize the time you have with your trainer.

We’ve taken the hard work out of finding a good personal trainer. We only hire the best trainers who have a lot of experience in all the different aspects of fitness (e.g. champion bodybuilders, published fitness models). Our trainers continuously keep up to date with the latest training techniques, nutrition and diet science. They are fully committed to delivering your goals whether that be a 12 week transformation or just wanting to get fit and healthy. Unlike other studios, we want you to get the most out of your training while also having fun and becoming part of our community.

We always say that to maximise results in a short period of time the magic number is a minimum of 3 sessions a week with a trainer, however this could vary to each individual’s short and long term goals. If you have for example your wedding to prepare for in 3 months, you would most likely need to have 3 to 4 sessions per week to guarantee results. If on the other hand you are more experienced in the gym or have a 6 or 12 months to reach your goal, you can start with 1 session per week to learn the basic techniques and improve your diet.

No honest trainer could ever guarantee results, however we use proven techniques that have worked for all of our customers. Have a look at our transformation gallery where you can see some of our clients who wanted to share their success stories. Results vary according to a number of factors: your commitment to being consistent with the training schedule and diet plan we provide to you, previous training history, age, injuries etc. Our trainers have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, tailoring the diet and training programs to each customer’s needs, helping to overcome these obstacles.

Being located in Canary Wharf, many of our clients are busy professionals with demanding schedules. Our trainers will customize and help you with a realistic flexible diet and workout plan that fits in with your current lifestyle.

Yes, we have luxurious shower and changing facilities, with towels provided.

Get in contact with us via the website enquiry, Facebook Messenger, email, WhatsApp or call us on 07570326844.

Unfortunately we do not offer complimentary sessions, however if you are interested in our services we do offer free 30 minutes consultations to understand your needs and show you our facilities.

Your safety and the safety of our staff is of paramount importance to us. Upon reopening we are introducing a range of distancing and cleaning measures intended to keep everyone safe.

Book an appointment to come and see us at our studio at 41 Westferry Road only a 10 minute walk from the Canary Wharf Estate.
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