Bruno Nobre

Occupation: Trade & Digital executive
Age: 35

Why did you choose Delta Fitness?

I had been training for a while without any sort of professional support and advice, and was simply not seeing the desired results – I wanted to get leaner whilst building muscle, and felt I needed structured guidance to achieve this. After seeing the impressive body transformations online and meeting Laszlo for the initial consultation, I was certain Delta’s approach was what I was looking for and the exact one to reach my goals. I was also really impressed with the facilities, and how private and modern they are.


What do you think of the Delta Fitness approach?

With Delta, you feel the ‘personal’ in personal training – it’s all about you, your goals and how to keep you motivated along the way. Every session I attended, I was further impressed by my trainer’s knowledge, patience and guidance. No question was too trivial, and I was constantly encouraged to do better, and provided with the most varied tips in terms of nutrition, and to help me perfect posture and technique whilst training – thank you, Josh! And because progress is closely monitored, if anything needs to be changed, it is quickly done to help you keep on track.

How did you find the diet and training to fit in with your busy schedule?

It was challenging, but I was expecting this once I started the programme. I had realistic goals and my motivation to achieve these was further enhanced by my tailored training plan and Josh’s guidance. I knew that what I was doing in my gym sessions was the correct way of obtaining results, which for me was extremely important. And the more results you see, the more you want to stick to the nutritional and training regime. After a while it all becomes natural – you learn how to eat well and plan your weekly meals and training sessions to fit your schedule. It also helped that Josh was more than happy to tailor the Delta session times to suit me!


What would you say to someone who is looking at your results and thinking of coming to Delta Fitness?

If not now, when? I kept on delaying the decision because I thought I wouldn’t be capable of going through with the programme or wouldn’t commit fully. I thought that training by myself without proper guidance would be sufficient. The reality is that this process and Delta’s guidance and support proved me wrong. I started to notice the desired changes and was confident I had made the right decision.

So, if you are looking to see tangible results, need professional, and totally personalised support and guidance, and are unfazed by a challenging but attainable training and nutritional programme, then Delta Fitness is just the perfect fit.


Personal training is personal at Delta Fitness

We have designed the optimal environment to help you and your personal trainer focus exclusively on your workout, without anything getting in the way.
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