Lucia Ferrer

Occupation: Lawyer
Age: 32

How has Delta Fitness changed the way you exercise and eat?
I am a lot more confident and comfortable arranging my own workouts with weights (previously I would stick to classes or cardio). I now feel like I can make my own plans at the gym! Regarding food, I now know the amount of calories I should consume a day and in what proportions. Using an app to track my intake is also extremely helpful!

Bruno Nobre

Occupation: Trade & Digital executive
Age: 35

Why did you choose Delta Fitness? I had been training for a while without any sort of professional support and advice, and was simply not seeing the desired results – I wanted to get leaner whilst building muscle, and felt I needed structured guidance to achieve this. After seeing the impressive body transformations online and meeting Laszlo for the initial consultation, I was certain Delta’s approach was what I was looking for and the exact one to reach my goals. I was also really impressed with the facilities, and how private and modern they are.

Peter Jordan

Occupation: Chartered Accountant
Age: 35

Why did you choose Delta Fitness? I saw an editorial piece which was featuring Laszlo from Delta Fitness in Muscle and Fitness magazine. Having looked up Delta Fitness online I noticed that they offered specialist 1 to 1 training focusing on body transformations. They also had a lot of good reviews on Google.


Occupation: Commodities trading
Age: 42

Why did you choose Delta Fitness?
Because someone whose judgement I trust had just gone through a 12 weeks program, the results were impressive. I was further impressed after the initial consultation and the results that the trainers at Delta had achieved for themselves.

Alexander Ganesan

Occupation: Software engineer
Age: 31

You have achieved some great results, what is your next goal?
I’m looking to take my training to the next level so that I can build more muscle and achieve an aesthetic body, making fitness part of my lifestyle. 

Victoria Martinelli

Occupation: Operations planner
Age: 26

How did you feel after the first week on your programme?
Tired from doing exercise again after stopping for so long but also felt proud of what I had managed to achieve like a deadlift which I never thought I would do.

Milo Chen

Occupation: Algorithmic trader
Age: 28

How did you feel after the first week on your programme?
Optimistic. I knew from the taster sessions it wasn’t going to be easy, but I was happy that for the first time in my training I would have professional guidance to tell me what I was doing right and where I was going wrong.

Luis Garrido

Occupation: Financial Analyst
Age: 26

What did you enjoy in your training at Delta Fitness?
After several years at the gym trying to map out an exercise routine for myself, I was not getting any consistent results. I was not even sure I was on the right track to visibly build muscle. Training at Delta Fitness has pushed me in the right direction and given me the motivation to follow an exercise routine and diet that makes sense for me.

Ken Ho

Occupation: Venture Capitalist
Age: 27

Why did you choose Delta Fitness?
Unlike many, I had been thin most of my life and really struggled to put on weight let alone muscles. I chose Delta Fitness because I saw on social media that Laszlo (Head Trainer) used to be very thin like me. I was confident he could therefore empathise what it would take for me to get that aesthetic beach body physique.


Occupation: Office Worker

How did you feel after the first week on your programme?
After just a week on the programme, I felt energised and excited! After just two very effective initial sessions with Laszlo I felt I had already started to improve my lifting techniques and remove bad habits that I had picked up over the years, as well as working my body much harder and more efficiently than before.

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