With so many workouts around these days, it can become confusing as to which workout burns the most fat. We’ll clear up the confusion and take you on a quick tour of the main types of workouts and which one is the best to get rid of that unwanted fat you’re looking to lose.

Most full-body workouts that advertise the ability to burning a lot of calories can be split up into three major categories.:

  • Resistance training – A workout based on resistance training consists of ensuring the muscles contract against some sort of external resistance. This can come from using free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, and vipers), bodyweight exercises, or TRX.
  • Cardio-based workouts – The primary goal of cardio-based workouts is to increase your heart rate to at least 50% to its maximum through aerobic or anaerobic exercise for a sustained period of time. Many workouts can achieve this (running, stair climber, and spinning).
  • Resistance training combined with cardio – This type of exercise involves lifting weights while switching back and forth to cardio-based exercises, such as burpees or star jumps.

If you were to exercise for one hour, cardiovascular exercise burns the most calories. However, if you were to do a resistance-based, you will burn more calories after the workout. Also, your metabolism would increase. Your body would also repair itself to become stronger. Additionally, you would see your muscles become more toned. Combine both of these types of workouts. That is the best way to ensure you maximise burning fat, both inside and outside the gym.

At Delta Fitness, we have seen this method work countless times for our clients. Combining cardio and resistance training isn’t only the most effective way of burning fat. It also provides a more dynamic and fun way of working out.

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