Training at Home vs the Gym – Which One Is Better?

Does it help to go training at the gym and hire a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals? Maybe working out at home will be enough to reach your weight loss and bodybuilding goals. As with everything, both exercising at home and training at the gym have their pros and cons. In this article, we are going to give you the lowdown on which one is better. Whether it’s fat loss, building muscle, or staying in shape that you’re after, you will know what the best choice is.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to give them a fair comparison.

- Benefits of Home Workouts

Here are the benefits of working out at home:

It’s Convenient

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of working out at home is the fact that you don't have to go anywhere. There is no need to deal with traffic, getting all packed, and making arrangements like calling a babysitter. You could even exercise in your PJs if you want to! Exercising at home is also something you can do anytime, day or night, which may not be the case at every gym.

It’s Affordable

The home gym requires no fees to join. All you really need for many exercises is a few cheap resistance bands, dumbbells, and a few other accessories. You could even go very barebones and stick to bodyweight exercises.

Nobody’s Around

You may feel shy or embarrassed about what you can do while working out if you’re around other people. The good news is that at home, there probably aren’t any strangers around. At most, maybe your family is there. This means you may not feel compelled to lift more than you can safely do so, avoiding potential injuries.

- Cons of Home Workouts

While there are a few pros to working out at home, there are some major disadvantages you should be aware of.

You’ll Make Excuses

If you’re just going to stick to home workouts, you’re far more likely to make excuses for yourself to NOT work out! You will just keep coming up with excuses as to why you can’t do it or need to skip it. You will lack the ambition and motivation to do a solid workout if you’re not holding a gym membership. There hasn’t been any financial commitment made, and the home is hardly filled with the kind of high-octane workout energy that’s at the gym.

You’ll Get Bored

There is plenty going on at a gym that will keep you interested in working out. There are various types of machines you could try out and tons of free weights, bands, ropes, and other exercise equipment. You probably have none of that at home, or close to it.

You’ll Have Limited Space

Most people do not have that much room in their home or flat. This makes working out and exercising at home challenging. This is especially true if you want to use specialty machines that are commonplace at gyms.

- Benefits of Training at the Gym

Compared with working out at home, there are many benefits to joining a gym. Some of the biggest are the following:

There Are Loads of Amenities

It is several orders of magnitude easier to stick to an effective workout routine at the gym than at home. There are plenty of helpful machines, entire sets of free weights, and a lot of other accessories. You can even have a personal trainer guiding you to make sure you are optimizing your workouts. You would have to spend a small fortune to have all of the amenities of a gym at home. Also, you will sometimes even get access to ancillary amenities like pools and saunas.

Guided Classes

Gyms will have classes that you can follow along with in real-time with a professional. Being around other people who are all doing what you’re doing can help reinforce your commitment to succeeding in your fitness goals. You will feel the energy in a guided class and push yourself to achieve more. Your fat loss goals will become much more attainable when you’re taking part in fitness classes.

You’ll Be More Focused

A gym is specifically designed for working out. This will help you be more focused when you are working out. At home, there are a ton of errands that you may have on your mind that you want to do. If you have children, you won't be getting interrupted by them. Basically, there is nothing at a gym that will dissuade you from training and exercising. Your weight loss, strength training, and muscle-building goals will be more easily achieved.

- Cons of Training at the Gym

There are a couple of cons when it comes to training at the gym. Here are the ones you should know about:

Gyms Cost Money

If you want to achieve extraordinary fat loss results at the gym, you're going to have to pay for it. A gym is a big operation and has an enormous amount of amenities that cost money. To help offset those costs, a gym has memberships. The prices for these memberships vary from gym to gym. However, it's a small price to pay for everything you get.

You Need to Leave the House

You're not going to achieve weight loss, strength training, or muscle-building targets at the gym if you're lacking the motivation to get out the door. After all, to get to the gym, you need to get dressed, prepare your water and/or protein shake, and drive to the gym. This means you will need to be more committed to training at the gym versus staying at home.


Starting out on your fitness journey can come with some questions, such as whether training at the gym or working out at home is better. How that you can see that joining a gym, as well as hiring a personal trainer while you’re at it, is the better choice, you can get confidently hit the ground running and start making progress towards your fitness goals.

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