The Evolving Role of Personal Trainers in Modern Fitness

From Fisherman’s Wharf all the way to Canary Wharf, the pandemic forced many fitness and personal training studios to adopt new business models if they were to survive. Among the many new strategies that were adopted, they also had to reevaluate how their personal trainers would continue to provide their services in an environment that forced their whole client base into a global “lock down.” Everyone with a fitness club membership was affected by gym closures and the role of the personal fitness trainer had to be largely redefined if they were to continue helping clients achieve their fitness goals while confined to their homes.

Today, the gyms have reopened and with “New Year’s Resolution” season fast approaching, people across the globe are starting to think about their perennial efforts to adopt a healthier lifestyle, or at least achieve a measurable degree of weight loss in the coming year. As society prepares to turn the page to the third decade of the 21st century, many will seek out the expertise of a personal trainer to help them achieve those fitness and weight-loss goals they’ve had for so long. For some, it will be their first time working with a personal fitness trainer.

Their timing couldn’t be better. The pandemic changed everything, including our exercise routines. Babies and water bottles became weights, fitness apps grew in popularity, and the role of personal fitness trainers evolved to adapt to a modern society that demonstrated a renewed focus on becoming healthy and staying physically fit in a post-pandemic world.

Society’s lifestyles have fundamentally changed because of pandemic and the role of personal fitness trainers has evolved along with those changes. Now, in addition to traditional gym environments, modern personal fitness trainers are working with clients in private fitness studios, in one-on-one private exercise environments, and even taking to the outdoors.

Fitness & Exercising Outdoors

The average American spends 90% of their life indoors and fitness trainers are starting to take clients outdoors to work out. Yes, fat-loss is a very common goal that personal trainers hear about when they are working with new clients, and by taking their exercise routine outdoors, clients can lose weight and benefit from fresh air at the same time. The fresh air of the outdoors can alleviate insomnia and the natural sunlight invigorates the body and results in more energy, for the mind and body. Sunlight offers the vitamin D nutrient that we so sorely miss in the winter months and, when your body is provided with it, vitamin D and the sun can significantly lift one’s spirits.

Collaborating with Healthcare Professionals

In many ways, the medical community is increasingly adopting a preventative approach to keep society healthy so that they can avoid becoming ill in the first place. This can be seen in the growing trend of hospitals and medical facilities that are beginning to add physical fitness centers, which means that personal fitness trainers are expected to work more work closely with health professionals in the years to come. Those relationships can make valuable contributions towards the expertise and experience that fitness trainers can offer to new clients.

In a post-pandemic world, doctors that see patients who are experiencing health risks due to their inactive lifestyles could very possibly write orders that their patients work one on one with a personal fitness trainer to improve their health.

Technology & Fitness Wearables

The bevy of fitness apps and wearable technology devices on the market continue to play a prominent role in the relationship between a client and their personal fitness trainer. This technology offers a wide array of health-related benefits, one of them being the ability to keep clients and fitness trainers in consistent communication throughout the day.

With this new technology, personal fitness trainers can play a greater role in influencing the healthy decisions that clients make. What’s perhaps most impressive of all, much of the data recorded in these apps and devices can be collected, downloaded, and further analyzed by personal fitness trainers, which gives fitness trainers the ability to further “hone” their tailored workout routines.

Hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer

YouTube is absolutely loaded with yoga classes, weight loss programs, and everything else to make you think you can achieve your health goals all on your own, but there is no alternative to having the proper guidance from a trained fitness professional. They have the expertise to tailor a routine to your lifestyle and can help expedite the results of your efforts.

Going into 2022, the decision to hire a personal fitness trainer can be one the most resourceful investments you make this year. YouTube videos and classes can be effective in raising your heart level, but you’re working with an instructor that isn’t really watching you and they can’t provide guidance or correct anything you may be doing incorrectly. If you are watching a video being led by someone pushing you to go harder and your back genuinely hurts, it might be better not to push on.

Hiring a fitness professional that can work with you and tailor a workout to your specific level of fitness is more likely to set up a program that helps you achieve your goals in a quicker timeframe. A personal fitness trainer can also show you precisely how to perform the movements of certain exercises, which is important to avoid injury.


2022 can be your year to get over any inhibitions your previously harbored about hiring a personal fitness trainer. As the role of personal trainers continues to evolve, they have an increasingly wider array of expertise to offer new clients. Those are the kind of benefits that should easily and by far outweigh any reasons that may have prevented you from seeking out the help of a personal fitness trainer in the past.

In 2022, it can be the decision that finally helps you achieve your fitness goals and adopt a long-standing, healthier lifestyle.

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