How to Train When You Have a Busy Life

You may want to train and go to the gym but think you don’t have the time. Think again! You can reach your weight loss goals, build muscle, and work on toning your body even when you’ve got a lot going on in your life.

Even though it can prove to be challenging, it is definitely possible to train when you have a busy life. The following are some tips you can benefit from if you want to see fat loss, an increase in muscle mass, or toning what you've already got while having a busy life.

Train Before Work

If you find it challenging to train consistently, then train before work. When you lead a busy life, working out in the mornings will be the best time for you to exercise. This is for a few reasons. It’s a good way to get the energy you need for the entire day. You will feel refreshed and restored after laying in bed all night. Also, you will be far more likely to stick to training when you do it in the morning. You may make too many excuses for yourself later on in the day. Instead of considering training at the end of the day when you’re already exhausted, head to the gym in the morning.

Training before you head to work will also help you feel accomplished, which puts you into a positive mental space. You will not feel like you have the looming idea of needing to train after work, and can relax for the rest of the evening.

Match Your Training to Your Lifestyle

When you lead a busy life, not every type of training is going to be possible for you. That is why you should look for a workout routine that will fit your lifestyle. You may need to come up with your own custom routine or take advantage of the knowledge that professional trainers have at the gym you attend. They will evaluable your lifestyle and curate a specially designed routine that could be abbreviated but packed with plenty to help you reach your fat loss, muscle building, and toning goals.

Optimally, you will want to be working out four times per week. This will also help you figure out what the best days to work out will be. We recommend training at least three times per week to see the results you are after. You will always be able to find time to train, even if it's a short high-intensity workout.

Train Using Full-Body Workouts

To build muscle and see substantial weight loss, you should be engaging your entire body while training. Full-body workouts will also cut down the amount of time you need to train, which is perfect for your busy schedule.

A full-body workout will be mainly focused on using your body weight to train. This means that you can train practically anywhere. If you can't always rush to the gym in the morning, you can train using full-body workouts at home before starting your workday.

Train While at Your Functions

Whether it’s work, an errand, or something else, if you are really pressed for time, simply training for a few minutes will suffice. After all, it’s better than nothing! There are several ways you can incorporate training into your daily functions. The results will include not only weight loss, toning, and building of muscle, but also a cheerful mood and relaxed body.

You can park farther away from the buildings you need to enter. You could also take stairs instead of elevators and escalators. Not only that, but you can get off at a floor that is either before or after your floor if the building is one with a large number of floors. All of these exercises will give your legs a good workout.

Have Clear Fitness Goals

When you have clearly defined fitness goals, you will find it easier to train while maintaining a busy schedule. The last thing you want to deal with is losing motivation to continue towards your fitness goals.

Do you want to see more fat loss? Perhaps you want to build muscle. Are you looking to see more toning of your body? Become clear on what your fitness goals are so that you can be efficient with your training routine. Set out to reach certain milestones after the first month. This can act as motivation to reach your targets.

Improve Your Diet

Your diet can help you train less but see better and faster results. You are what you eat, so make sure you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to become strong and sculpted. You can do all of the training you want, but if you aren’t eating right you won’t see results.

Look for a balance between the macronutrients carbs, protein, and fat, and get the essential micronutrients. You should also load up on nutrient-rich veggies and fresh foods. Avoiding processed, fried, and inflammatory foods will help you stay healthy and have an easier time working out.

If you have a busy life, you are probably not that physically active. That could mean it may benefit you to keep track of how many calories you are eating as well. If you notice you are eating too much for the sedentary lifestyle you live, consider intermittent fasting. The 16/8 cycle is a popular one to follow, which means you eat within an eight-hour window every day. This helps restrict your calories, leading to more fat loss and helping you gain muscle.

Hire a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be a big boon to you if you have a busy life. They can help you find the ideal times and days to hit the gym amid your schedule. As mentioned before, they can also create a workout routine that will be customized to help you reach your goals faster. For people who don’t have that much time for much outside of work and errands, a personal trainer could be an indispensable help.


Now you know how to train when you have a busy life. These tips will get you on the path of reaching your training goals, even if you have very little time to work out. Personal trainers at Delta Fitness can help you get the most out of the time you have during the week, helping you reach your goals.

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