How to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit this Winter

Even the diehards among us can expect to struggle a bit finding the motivation to exercise and maintain a decent level of fitness during the dark winter months ahead. There is less sunlight, lower temperatures, and the cold dampness to feed negativity making us irritable, sluggish, and less than motivated to achieve our fitness goals. It’s so much more appealing to ball up on the couch with a blanket in the darkness of winter making a “mental commitment” to work out tomorrow.

Though certainly enticing, this won’t do much to keep the winter weight off and offers little in terms of accelerating your health and vitality. It’s a challenge that many will face this winter. A recent study of 2,000 adults revealed that more than half of them will discontinue their “outdoor activities” once the Fall season ends, and two thirds say they anticipate struggling to find the motivation to do any sort of physical activity once Old Man Winter moves in for the long haul.

But finding the motivation to stay fit is well worth the effort considering the clear benefits that are associated with maintaining your workouts during the winter, including higher levels of energy and less chance of gaining that extra weight during the holidays. To add to that, there are more viruses that circulate during the winter months making optimal health levels important, and we’re not just referring to Covid.

Prioritizing your fitness during winter has many advantages. Here are some of the best motivational strategies for staying fit this winter season.

New Fitness Gear

One of the most effective methods of finding motivation - Make an investment in some new fitness equipment or gear. It’s a fantastic way to find that needed “jolt” of motivation to work out. Not only is there the eager anticipation of using the new equipment there is also that commitment to making our investment “pay off.” By working out with your new equipment you are justifying the purchase in your own mind so whether it is new workout apparel or a significant investment in home equipment, nothing motivates people more than the use of their own wallets.

Embrace Outdoor Winter Fitness

This is an approach that many won’t even consider, and it’s a shame because of how effective it can be. Confront winter head-on by gearing up in winter workout attire and heading out into the cold instead of seeking sanctuary from it. Many who try this fitness approach for the first time will discover a newfound appreciation for the crisp air and enjoy the “runners high” they can expect to experience afterward which can be an intoxicating and even euphoric feeling - such a sensation will be especially welcome in the cold of the winter.

This can even be a “couples’ game.” Spouses and partners willing to commit to this winter challenge can help keep each other stay accountable. Doesn’t misery just love company?

Build a Home Gym

Covid had its own brand of influence here but building a home gym this winter will provide a space for exercise without having to leave the house and can be an attractive solution when you’re unwilling to deal with the cold just to get to the gym. What’s more, much of the athletic equipment available today is not only engineered to take up less room, it’s also built with appealing aesthetics that makes home owners want to show off their new equipment.

Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer

The terms Personal Trainer and Motivation genuinely go hand-in-hand and whether you’re new to exercising or just finding it difficult to stay motivated to do your workouts during the winter, hiring a personal trainer is a surefire way to motivate you to reach your fitness goals during the damp cold months of winter. Personal trainers can also be marvelously effective in terms of building accountability and you will learn a lot that you didn’t previously know about physical fitness.

The most common steps to find a local fitness trainer is to simply type in “personal trainer” or “fitness near me” in your search engine.

10 Minutes of Physical Activity – Five Days a Week

There are those of us that appreciate a certain amount of spontaneity in our lives, and having a calendar filled with pre-planned workouts can be a demotivating stressor by itself. For this group of people, just setting a fitness goal of 10 or 15 minutes a day five days a week engaged in some form of physical activity can be remarkably effective when compared to those who don’t, especially if you incorporate a reward system in some way.

10 minutes walking around the house, including those steps down to the rec. room, 10 minutes of yoga exercise using one of the thousands of free “how to” videos on, it doesn’t matter what it is. Do whatever you want afterward but getting those 600 consecutive seconds in five days a week will produce a noticeable difference in your health and vitality. Soon this routine will become a habit whether it be during the summertime or winter.


Ask the American Heart Association and they’ll tell you at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, or 75 to 150 of vigorous intensity activity per week is the path towards being physically fit. In other words, three hours of moderate intensity per week. If that means changing up your approach or hiring a personal trainer this winter to stay motivated, it will be time well invested.

Finding the motivation and discipline to establish a consistent exercise routine this winter means enjoying what winter has to offer with less stress, fewer calories, and more focus. It makes you a better person and improves the quality of life not just during the winter, but all year round.

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