How to Stay Motivated to Honor Your 2022 Fitness Resolutions

Ours is a society that loves to adopt some form of New Year’s resolution at the beginning of every year, and many resolutions will focus on improving our health and well-being. In fact, 20% of all the resolutions made in America this year were to “lose weight,” according to a recent study.

Whether you’re from the Canary Islands or Canary Wharf, the heady days of early January bring a sense of excitement to society as we take to our new ambitions, often with the assistance of some new techno-gadget that promises to be the key to upholding our New Year’s resolutions this year. Our attitude, motivation, and ambition all seem to be perfectly aligned as we enter week one of the new year, but within the first month many of these ambitions go largely abandon as life begins to get the best of us once again.

We’re well into another new year that’s already rife with uncertainty and ambiguity as the pandemic seems to be a never-ending phenomenon that only adds to the stressors that get into the way of our annual fitness goals. By the time January 19th comes around, much of society has all but given up on their resolutions. And the answer is yes – it has been pinned down to a specific date that is now formally recognized as “Quitter’s Day.” That’s according to a 2019 study that was conducted by the fitness app Strava who took an analytical look at data from over 90 million exercise activities that were uploaded.

In fact, scarcely 1 out of 5 people are successful achieving their fitness resolutions each year on account of how discouraged we get early in the year as “life” begins to happen again and the everyday stress permeates our lives, taking us off track. The stress in our lives creates barriers to our self-discipline, and this can influence us to give up our pursuit of anything new in our lives, like exercising more often to lose weight. When the stress of our lives causes our tensions and anxiety to rise, we would rather stay in “familiar territory” because we know what to expect.

As we enter the 2nd month of the new year, it’s not too late to get back on track with these simple strategies:

Refine Your Fitness Goals to be More Specific

In the “mania” of the New Year environment, people often set goals that are oversimplistic, a bit too lofty, and usually unsustainable. To write down “lose weight” on a post-it and then stick it to your vanity mirror is hardly a formula for long-term, sustainable improvements in your lifestyle. Such broadly defined goals often go out the window because they’re not specific and hardly measurable. One strategy is to go back and refine your goals with measurable benchmarks. For example, instead of “lose weight,” a more effective course-of-action is to write on an index card “Meet with personal trainer twice a week and lose 2.5 lbs. every two weeks” – a much more clearly defined and measurable goal.

Make 2022 the Year You Hire a Personal Trainer

Simply put, hiring a good personal trainer (or PT for short) can accelerate your progress substantially in terms of achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. It’s one thing to find a “commitment partner” who can hold you accountable for achieving your goals but hiring a personal trainer or fitness coach can elevate your progress to an entirely new level. Personal trainers offer much more than “accountability.” Personal trainers also have the knowledge and expertise to help you put a strategy or a plan in place that is tailored specifically to your lifestyle.

In fact, accountability is rapidly becoming the main factor that has so much of society turning to personal trainers these days. And why not? If you have no plan in place, or if no one is waiting for you at the gym…no one will notice that you’re not there. But if you hire a personal trainer and you’ve established a set schedule to meet at the gym, you’re much less likely to “blow off” your workout.

Eat that Frog!

There’s an old saying that goes…if the first thing you do in the morning is eat a frog, then everything after that is easy – it’s a maxim that holds water. There is science proving that morning workouts are remarkably effective in boosting energy levels and eliminating fatigue. More oxygen and nutrients can travel to the heart and lungs when you exercise and this has a positive impact on cardiovascular system, leading to higher levels of stamina and endurance. Remember, exercise has a positive effect on your mood, but it can also accelerate your ability to be more productive during the day and the benefits of morning workouts are well documented.

This is also an arena where hiring a personal trainer can be an especially effective strategy. No one wants to carry the shame of cancelling an appointment with a personal trainer, much less one who’s already gotten up early in the morning to meet you at the gym for your fitness appointment. When you have the benefit of working with a personal trainer who will usher you through those morning workouts, you carry that “buzz” with you for the remainder of the day.

Here's one of the big secrets that society is discovering about personal trainers – they offer so much more than the right deadlift technique. Typing in “PT near me” the next time you visit Google can be the first step in building a relationship with a personal trainer who can help tremendously in boosting your confidence, and not just in the gym but in all areas of your life. If 2022 is the year you want to be the best version of yourself, the benefits of investing in a personal fitness trainer can far outweigh the costs.

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