How to Make Exercise a Part of Your Daily Commute

How to Make Exercise a Part of Your Daily Commute

Most Londoners spend an hour commuting to work and back home every day. On average, they only spend 20 minutes a day at the gym. With all that time spent getting to and from work, you could be taking advantage of the hidden exercise opportunities that exist.

You shouldn’t give up on exercise just because you aren’t able to carve out some time in your busy day to do so. In fact, there’s quite a bit you can do, even when you’re heading to and from work! Here is how to make exercise a part of your daily commute:

Get Moving On the Tube

If you’re like most people in London, you take the tube to work. While standing inside the train car, you can do some exercises that won’t turn that many heads. 

One thing you can do is a glute squeeze, where you hold, contract, and release for three seconds. You can also perform calf raises, raising your heels a few inches before placing them back down on the ground. You can also do hamstring curls if you have a bit more space, bringing one foot up to your backside before lowering it again and repeating the process on the other side.

Walk More

If you have no decent alternative to driving a car to and from work every day, you can find other ways to get your daily exercise in. You can simply walk more. This means no more standing still on escalators or taking elevators. From now on, take the stairs, everywhere.

Also, park farther away from any office, shopping mall, and building entrance you will be entering.

If you take the train to work, you can walk up and down the stairs leading to the platform, instead of just standing there to wait for the train to come. Even better, get off a few stops earlier (if the distance is not too far) and walk the rest of the way. This can be especially practical if you take the subway to work.

The more steps you get in on a daily basis, the better. The amount of calories you burn will quickly add up. To calculate how many calories you burn, you just need to use a simple formula:

MET x Weight (KG) x Time (Hrs) = Calories Burned

MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent of Task. The MET for walking slowly is 2.3, whereas for fast walking it’s 2.9. Climbing stairs has a MET of 4. Take your weight (in kilograms) and the amount of time spent walking and you will find out how many calories you are burning. If you weigh 70 KG and walk around for a total of an hour every day, you are likely burning over 200 extra calories.

Bike to Work

Instead of taking your car, a train, bus, or some other form of transportation where you are sitting still, consider cycling to work. If your commute would still be reasonable when cycling to work, you will get a great workout in. You will be strengthening your heart and building up muscle in your legs and even arms. You will also increase your endurance.

Hire a Personal Trainer

These are all great exercises to do as part of your daily commute. However, to get the body of your dreams, you are going to need to take things up a notch. This is where a personal trainer comes in.

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