How to Get Back Into Exercise After a Long Break

If you are like most people, you have been taking a long break from working out ever since sometime last year. With lockdowns and restrictions of all kinds making it challenging or impossible to head to your favourite gym, you may have stopped working out. Hopefully, you have been exercising at home, at the very least. If not, that's OK! We all take breaks sometimes. However, now that restrictions are easing and you are feeling the push to go to the gym, you should know how to get back into training safely.

If you are looking for personal training Canary Wharf is home to Delta Fitness, which has trainers who can help you get back into exercise. They will provide you with accountability so that you keep making progress towards your goals. You can also go solo and train on your own if you feel confident enough to do so. Depending on just how long your break has been, you will have to get back into exercising in different ways. This will ensure you avoid injuries and do not feel like you are starting from zero.

Here are our tips for how to get back into exercise after a long break:

How to Exercise Again After a 1 Week Break

If you have only stopped working out for a week, you will not have to do too much to get back into exercising. You can get back into the gym as soon as possible and listen to your body. You may be unable to lift as much or achieve the same level of performance you were at before your weeklong break. It may take two or three workouts before you are comfortably back at your previous performance level. On the other hand, since this break only lasted for a week, you may not see any performance loss at all!

As a general rule, if you have just missed out on training for a week, you can pick up where you left off. At most, you will just have to make some minor adjustments when it comes to the weight amount and workout intensity.

How to Exercise Again After a 2-4 Week Break

If you have missed the gym for 2-4 weeks, you should scale back how many sets you are doing, as well as the number of exercises. You can also pick up lighter weights to use. A good rule of thumb is to drop the weight by 5-10%.

When you are training with a smaller number of sets and exercises, you will avoid getting too sore. Taking a break lasting a few weeks means you will not have the same level of performance as you did before. You want to ensure that you can recover from your workout without feeling that you need to take an entire week off. After you follow these modifications for a week or two, you will likely see your performance levels climb back up to where they were before your break.

How to Exercise Again After a 4+ Week Break

Taking a break from the gym for over a month may mean you need to significantly modify your training. You should follow the same steps as outlined earlier but cut back even more on the weights. Drop at least 10% of the weight, going up to 25% if necessary. You want to prevent injuries and becoming too exhausted. Cut back even further on how many sets or exercises you do. You should reach the level you were at before pausing your training after a few weeks.

Take Your Time

As you can see from the three examples we provided, as long as you adjust your previous workout, you will get back to your previous performance level soon enough. The key is to get back to the gym! For personal training Canary Wharf is the home of Delta Fitness, the preferred choice for people in London to train. Whether you want to pursue strength training, cardio, or anything else that gets you moving, Delta Fitness will meet your needs.

Overall, if you have taken a break from the gym, consider yourself a beginner again. The longer you have been on a break, the closer to Beginner status you become. Keep your sets shorter and decrease the number of exercises you perform. Also, reduce the amount of weight you are using. Additionally, make sure you are getting enough protein and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) after your workouts.

If you attempt to dive right back into your training as if you never skipped out on the gym, you are going to feel the repercussions of that decision afterward. Getting extremely sore is going to set you back. Instead of potentially slowing down your progress, follow our advice. You will see your performance improve soon enough. If you want greater fat loss Canary Wharf is home to Delta Fitness, where you can be guided by our personal trainers to safely get back into your training.


This past year has been rough on all of us. Even if you have fallen off the fitness wagon, you can safely get back on when you follow our tips. If life simply got in the way of you exercising, don't be too hard on yourself. You can get back into it, and do so without getting injured or too sore. Take your return as a way to press the reset button on your training and optimize it for your intended goals.

If you are looking to get personal training for fat loss Canary Wharf should be your destination. Delta Fitness has experienced professional trainers who can help you ease back into exercising after a long break. Your road back to where you were before your break does not have to be as challenging as it may seem right now. Stop by and get back on the path to your fitness goals!

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