8 Tips You Need to Know to Improve Your Workout Results

Working out is a great way to improve your overall health and well-being. However, if you have ever worked out then you have, at one point or another, noticed your results are not matching your efforts exerted. Instead of getting discouraged, you can learn how to improve your workout results.

The following tips will help you get better results for all of the time and effort you are putting into exercising and working out.

Shorten Your Workouts

More is not always better. If you believe that the longer you work out, the better your results will be, you will be in for a rude awakening. According to studies that have been done, shorter high-intensity workouts can provide better results than longer workouts.

If your workout results are subpar for how much energy you are exerting, then consider shortening your routine to be around half an hour. The shorter and more intense your workout, the more effective it will be.

Have Specific Workout Goals

You obviously want to get more fit. However, you should have workout goals that are a bit more specific than this. Doing so will help you improve your workout results. If you are someone who walks around the gym trying out different machines and types of exercises, you should either hire a personal trainer to guide you or find a good workout app. Having a clearly defined workout plan will make it easier for you to optimise your results.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

While there is a benefit to working out on an empty stomach if you are going to just do some cardio or aerobics, you should normally eat something before working out. Your body will be demanding to get some protein, carbs, fats, and other nutrients. Otherwise, it may get into the sugars in your muscles, and you do not want that.

After fasting all night while sleeping, you are going to need your nutrient levels replenished, even if it is just a little bit through a balanced breakfast. This will deliver much-needed energy to you for your workout routine.

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are three-quarters water. If you want to improve your workout results, then drinking enough water, both before, during, and after your workout will be vital. You will be sweating a whole lot while working out, and risk becoming dehydrated if you do not replenish the fluids you lost. Drinking pure water is usually the best choice. Sports drinks may have too much sugar that will then just be something you need to work harder to burn. If you want to make your water more enjoyable and nutritious, add some slices of cucumber into it. You could even throw in some mint. Your skin, muscles, and other parts of your body will thank you.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Over time, you will notice that you have higher endurance, greater strength, and better overall performance. However, it could be difficult to tell just how much progress you are making if you are not keeping track. Knowing this information will help you adjust your workout routine to match your current needs.

Consider keeping track of the following:

  • The number of reps you do

  • The amount of weight you lift

  • The number of miles you run

These are key metrics when working out, and knowing them will help you improve your results. If you see yourself plateauing or even regressing, it will motivate you to push yourself more and keep improving. The end result is a more productive workout.

Play Some Tunes

Music is an incredibly powerful motivator. When you're blasting high-energy music through your earbuds while working out, you will stay focused and committed to excelling. Amp yourself up with this easy workout hack if you want to feel stronger and more powerful. Before you start your workout routine, you can put together the ideal playlist that will psyche you up.

It is easier than ever before to whip up a playlist on music streaming services like Spotify and get amped during your workout for better results.

Have a Workout Buddy

Find someone you can work out with who has similar goals to you. It can be challenging to exercise by yourself and stay motivated, even if you have got the best soundtrack ever. Working out is one thing, but getting to the point where you are working out is a whole other ballgame. A workout partner will help reinforce the goals you have, and you will do the same for them.

A training buddy can also help you perform more difficult and strenuous exercise sets. For example, if you are bench pressing a massive amount of weight, you may want to have someone spotting you just in case you have trouble putting the weight back on the rack. They can also help motivate you and prevent you from making excuses, and vice versa.

Get Enough Protein

Your muscles are made of protein. That is why your diet should have plenty of it, especially on the days you are working out and doing the heavy lifting. If you do not get enough protein, your body will be breaking down the lean muscle it has, which destroys its ability to build muscle effectively.

When you are in post-workout recovery mode, you will need a lot of protein. That is why people usually whip up a protein shake after they are done with their workout routine. Your body will be synthesising the protein all day, and even while you are sleeping!


These eight tips will help you significantly improve your workout results. You probably want to avoid wasting time and energy on exercising for lengthy periods and not seeing the results you are after. Those days can now finally be behind you. When you will use these tips, even if it is just a couple for now, you will see the results and become more motivated to keep optimizing your workouts. At Delta Fitness, Canary Wharf we prize ourselves in helping you with implementing these points above to each person individually according to their lifestyle and busy work life.

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