About Us

The Beginning

Delta Fitness was founded by two guys with a vision and passion to bring results focussed enjoyable personal training to Canary Wharf without going to extremes in training or dieting.

Co-founders Chris and Laszlo met when Laszlo transformed Chris’s body, making him bigger and stronger in just 3 months. Chris, an accountant in Canary Wharf, had worked with numerous trainers before and never having seen the results he was looking for, was amazed at what Laszlo had delivered. From this one transformation, Laszlo and Chris went from trainer and client to friends with a dream to create the best personal training studio in London and maybe the world.


Laszlo, coming from a small town in Transylvania, had big dreams to make his mark on the world. Aged 16 he found a love for the gym and body building, and barely 2 years later came to London with just his suitcase and £1,000. His first employment was working for KFC, for a year while he continued to pursue his passion for fitness after work hours. This relentless drive  and motivation resulted in him becoming employed as a leading personal training expert specialising in weight loss and muscle gain at two of London’s top gyms in Canary Wharf where he worked for five years. At the same time he competed to become three time world champion of the Miami Pro fitness modelling competition, earning him his professional status in 2016. More recently he has been featured in various magazines, been a sponsored athlete, worked with the top photographers and videographers all over the world and continues to compete internationally. Nowadays, as co-founder and head trainer, his sole focus is bringing the best in personal training to the clients of Delta Fitness.


Chris grew up in leafy South-East England, and as a child enjoyed a lot of cake, leading to a more rotund physique than he wanted. While at Oxford University, Chris discovered gymnastics and went on to compete for the university team. He then started working for big-4 accounting firm, and he continued working out in the gym but never saw any visible results. Fast forward 12 years of  repetitive workouts 4-6 x a week, being let down by personal trainers who delivered no results with ineffective training programmes and no nutritional advice, Chris made a last ditched attempt as he approached the training manager at his local gym in Canary Wharf. He simply asked for the best trainer to make him bigger, buffer and leaner. The training manager didn’t hesitate in assigning Laszlo, and the rest is history.

Vision for the Future

Now Laszlo and Chris work together combining their their skills in personal training and business management to create London’s leading personal training studio where results are the highest priority for every personal trainer, to make sure Delta Fitness’s clients experience personal training  at the highest level which exceeds their expectations delivering visible results in a short period of time.

Personal training is personal at Delta Fitness

We have designed the optimal environment to help you and your personal trainer focus exclusively on your workout, without anything getting in the way.
No joining fee and no membership fee!